UShering in a third reconstruction

June 2023 will be ten years since we lost federal protections for voting rights in the United States. Under this reality, we stand in the gap to ensure our people are safe and protected when they exercise their vote. But we know federal protection is a must.  In this long struggle for voting rights, we are in deep partnership with the National Poor People’s Campaign to advocate on the federal level for the need to pass federal protection for voting rights through the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

For a fair and accessible democracy, we need automatic Voter Registration, and Election Day should be a holiday, Same Day Voter Registration, Voting Restoration for Individuals previously incarcerated for felony convictions, Ban for Partisan  Gerrymandering, and so much more.

We were proud to stand with thousands of people from across the country at the Mass Poor People and Low Wage Workers’ Assembly and the Moral March on Washington and to the Polls to call and demand we center the poor in our laws, policies, and politics.

We know it is not enough to unite in D.C. and not hold our elected officials accountable in our home states.  We vowed to organize around the 7 Steps To The Midterms, A Movement Declaration to Reconstruct American Democracy, for our votes are not supported but demand to be heard and to take action. We vote for our people and our lives. We vote to summon a Third Reconstruction that can birth us out of an impoverished democracy and usher in a new world.