Kentucky Movement Assembly 2023

In 2009, Kentucky Jobs with Justice held one of the only statewide Social Forums in the United States. This Forum was supported by grassroots activists, organizations, and communities from all across the Commonwealth.

As defined by the People’s Movement Assembly, “World Social Forums are semi-annual convergences that create open space for movements to share, connect, and strengthen beyond the boundaries of political parties, initiated in resistance to the World Economic Forum. The Social Movement Assembly was created to make and implement movement decisions within the World Social Forum. The Peoples Movement Assembly is a political methodology born from the Social Movement Assembly process and the United States Social Forum.”

Kentucky Movement Assembly Graphic Notes
We co-hosted the Kentucky Movement Assembly (KMA), alongside a powerful gathering of nearly 300 people from across Kentucky and surrounding southern states who are interested in grounding the South and building our collective power.  Furthermore, we hosted planning meanings for the KMA all across Kentucky, including in Paducah and Berea.

Discussion topics at the KMA included mass incarceration, youth organizing, harm reduction, climate disasters, mutual aid, environmental justice, housing justice, tenant organizing, voting rights, immigration, and more!